Vinyl Siding Manufacturers and Their Products

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Vinyl Siding Manufacturers and Their Products

There are many vinyl siding manufacturers around, each with their own set of product lines and models – trying to offer the better alternative for one’s vinyl siding requirements. With each company having various products carrying different features and advantages – the options presented to consumers become many – and perhaps at times, coming up with a decision on which vinyl siding product to buy becomes complicated.

Alcoa Home Exteriors at and CertainTeed at are among the most popular vinyl siding manufacturers.

A visit to each of the websites of these vinyl siding manufacturers would show the many available products they offer. With the research and development made, to come up with a superb design and material composition, and the special technologies implemented to produce innovative vinyl siding products – the industry has greatly benefited with the solutions offered by these vinyl siding manufacturers to answer the needs of builders, contractors, and most especially homeowners.

Vinyl siding manufacturers were able to come up with a siding material that is composed of PVC (poly vinyl chloride) resins, and other substances to improve durability and color retention. One such substance combined with PVC resins are acrylic components that help the vinyl become flexible, and thus making it not dent easily. Also acrylic resins make the PVC withstand extreme weather conditions. With the titanium dioxide mixed in, the color of vinyl siding is protected from becoming easily faded with the exposure to the sun. Chalking is prevented with the action of the additional substance, which deflects the UV rays of the sun. Also pigments are made use of during the mix which lets the paint penetrate deeper into the material, rather than on the surface only.

Vinyl siding manufacturers have made products that do not need to be painted and only needs a washing to keep it clean and well maintained. Vinyl products do not rot and do not rust like some siding materials available in the market. With the proper care and maintenance of vinyl siding products, one will enjoy its benefits for years.

Another great advantage with vinyl siding products is that these are affordable and considered a good alternative to wood and aluminum siding. Also these products made by vinyl siding manufacturers uses less energy during production and can be recycled when the time comes.

Truly, vinyl siding manufacturers have answered to the demands of the industry and have continually provided the market with great products that offer siding alternatives to homeowners wishing to undertake such projects in their houses.

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